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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Matching Farm Animals

Matching Farm Animals, originally uploaded by omamom16.

O chose to do her Matching Farm Animals work today during school. I've been surprised by how few times she has chosen this work, since it's something that she really enjoys. I downloaded the farm animals pics off the internet (I have no idea where I got them from!) months and months ago. I eventually printed, cut, and laminated them. For this work, I have 5 animal cards and 5 miniature plastic animals (I bought them from the dollar section of Target. I love Target!) in a basket. O brings the basket to her rug, lays out the cards while labeling them, and then matches the animals to the cards. When I introduced the work to her, I showed her how to put the animals to the right of the card, but she usually prefers to put the animals on top of the cards. I think I'll add in a few more pics and animals before tomorrow since this work seems to be very easy for her :)


  1. I just wanted to tell you how many great ideas you have. I'm using the craft stick shape activity with my 2 1/2 year old. She's loving it!

    Where do you get your stuff laminated? Do they do that at office supply stores or do you go to a teacher supply store?

  2. I wanted to share with you how I do the same work with my girls...

    I bought a tube of animals (both farm and jungle) from somewhere really cheap. Then I photographed each animal up close. I printed the photos, cut each photo to be a 4x4 square, backed each with colorful cardstock, wrote the name of the animal on the back and laminated each card.

    What I love about it is that it's the actual animal they are matching and with the word on the back the game can work with an older child. My three year old is working on letter recognition and reading so we use this a lot!

    Just thought I would share!

  3. Can you share pictures of your Montessori shelves? I'd love to see how you store all these great activites!

    thanks so much!!

  4. amber- Elliott gave me a laminator for Christmas last year :) Yes, I'm a dork, but I LOVE it. It's definitely one of my most used gifts ever!

    Thanks for the idea, Jodie! It sounds like fun :)

    the momma- I've finally posted the pictures of O's montessori shelf. Thanks for the extra motivation!

  5. Thanks! I was actually thinking about purchasing a laminator. I put a lot of time into preparing some of the materials I use with my kids so I want them to last.