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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"It's Playdoh Nime!"

IMG_1615 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

O LOVES playdoh. Playing with playdoh is one her all time favorite activities. In fact, I can't think of anything (other than playing sick/nurse/hospital) that she enjoys playing with more than playdoh. In this picture you can see the little bowls that she requested that I make for her pizza. Then she wanted me to make napkins to sit the bowls on. We also made snakes, and she was pretending to be scared of the big snake in this picture. She gave the snake eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a big tongue! We don't play with playdoh every day at home, but my mom has a "playdoh cabinet" at O's level, so she can get all of the playdoh and accessories herself, so we play with it more often here. I'm definitely going to have to put her playdoh at home in an easily accessible place for her.


  1. Sydney will be 18 months on Saturday, but she already LOVES play-doh. We have a little play-doh oven, and she loves to open the oven door, put in bits of play-doh, close the door, and say, "Hot! Hot!"

  2. Big playdough fans here too, although recently Zara has taken to liking clay even better see my blog today, lol). My theory why is that clay holds it's shape better.
    I used to be scared of the mess with playdough, but Z showed me that she was capable of playing neatly at the table and putting everything away when she is finished. Now our playdough and clay are stored on the low shelves.

  3. O had me fooled by her scared face, lol!

    I need to do play doh again soon.

  4. Lily loves play-doh too. She'll play with it for hours.

  5. Hi Melissa,
    Do you make playdoh by yourself? If do, what recipe do you use? How old was O when you introduced her playdoh for the first time?

  6. I'm glad to see O is not the only playdoh obsessed child!

    Amber- We've never tried clay, so we'll have to do that next. Thanks for the idea!

    Miri- We didn't make the playdoh in this picture, but we did make playdoh yesterday afternoon. I'll try to post about it tonight or tomorrow. It was a HUGE hit! I'm not sure when I 1st introduced O to playdoh. I remember her playing with her cousin's playdoh last Christmas, so I know she was playing with it by about 17 months. However, she wasn't really into it until probably close to 21 or 22 months.

  7. Thank you for the prompt reply!

  8. we love playdoh here is almost a daily activity!

    are you still making a bunch for christmas as part of her homemade gifts!?

    are you going to post again what all your making her you have such great ideas!

    hope you are feeling well! your in my thoughts

  9. O's hair is getting so long! What a doll!! Play Dough is something we haven't tried yet...I think my 17 month old would still eat it. Well, that is what she does with crayons anyway.

  10. Shannon- I've just started working on O's handmade Christmas gifts (with my mom's help, of course) again. I'll post about them soon. I've cut the list somewhat because I feel like I'm running out of time and because she already getting too much stuff :) I really believe "less is more," but I have a hard time enforcing that!

    dreamingmama- If your daughter eats peanuts already (we started with O around 18 months, I think, but the recommendations have changed since then), you could start her with peanut butter playdough. Then you wouldn't have to worry if she eats it. Of course,the homemade playdough is edible, too, but I'm sure it tastes nasty! We stopped my stepfather just in time before he tasted O and M's cookies :)