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Friday, February 5, 2010

"Dance Streamers I Love You"

We do a lot of spontaneous dancing around here, but since we've started having Family Game Night and Family Art Night, it seemed like a fun idea to have Family Dance Night, too (we also have Family Block Night frequently which is O's favorite!). O says every night is Family Dance Night, and that is fine with us.

For our 1st scheduled Family Dance Night, I made O some dance streamers using bamboo pocketbook handles (that her grandmother gave her) and crepe paper streamers (leftover from making the surprise ball). I just stapled the streamers to the handles. Simple, fast, and fun!

I asked O what they are called when I was writing this post, and she said they are called "dance streamers I love you."


  1. Here's what I did for a more permanent version -

    I remember having a similar one of these when I was a kid. Good times! :>)

  2. Oh that is gorgeous! I love that name! (:

  3. Those look really nice!

    I made some for my kids using shower curtain rings and ribbons, but I bet the crepe paper flows a lot nicer! Ill have to try making some this way.

  4. We made one that was sort of like this

    Ours was more simple though. We basically used one dowel (that we cut), the snap swivel and ribbon. Screw the snap swivel in, tie the ribbon and voila! Done! You can do this for a very small cost. The dowels were long enough to make a few and the swivels came in a pack. Great for gifts.
    Not that you were asking :) Love yours and your family dance night!