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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glittery Snow Playdough

O and I made homemade snow playdough about a month ago, and I just realized that I'd never written about it. We followed this recipe and added white glitter and peppermint extract. It smells delicious! We had fun making and playing with the playdough, but O lost interest in it rather quickly (very surprising since she used to be obsessed with playdough). Luckily, this playdough lasts and lasts (if you store it in an airtight container), so I'm sure she'll be ready to play with it again eventually :)


  1. We made Sparkling Snow Playdough in the beginning on December for our SNOW theme. We used blue glitter, you can see it here! The girls liked it much better than this months Valentine Playdough :( Oh well

  2. Thanks for the idea! We didn't have white playdough on hand, but we had purple! Our little girl loved mixing different colors of glitter in and we added almond extract (what we had). She loved it! Thanks for inspiring us and bringing life to "boring" playdough!