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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate Playdough Hearts

O and I recently made chocolate playdough using this recipe. It smelled divine, but we halfed the recipe and I never could get the texture quite right (it was too sticky). O had a great time making chocolate hearts and tricking her Grandaddy and Grandpa into to thinking they were real (they played along...O is not very good at deception :).


  1. Was this edible or not? Sounds like it could be tasty! :) Who doesn't like to eat their creations,right? I recognize the purple Bumbo in the background, we have one too! :)

  2. It's made of flour, salt, and cream of tartar so it is edible. However, I wouldn't recommend it! It taste disgusting...according to O!

  3. How grand! I have never tried Chocolate Playdough.. But I have Made Strawberry Jello Playdough, it also smelled divine! You should try it! There is the recipe, and Thanks for sharing your chocolate playdough. Mind if I link back to your blog?