Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart Family

When I saw these heart people at The Crafty Crow, I thought they would be fun for O and I to make. To make the heart people, you need a construction paper heart for each person, 4 pieces of pipe cleaners for the arms and legs, and a hole puncher.

I set up a tray with all the necessary materials. I punched the holes in the hearts while O decorated the faces. She decorated 4 hearts, one for each member of our family. She was so funny when she was drawing the face on E's heart. She kept staring at E's face and looking back and forth from E's face to the heart as if she were copying it exactly onto the heart.

O was surprisingly uninterested in this project, so we didn't finish it until the next day. After she finished drawing the faces on all 4 hearts, we joined their pipe cleaner hands (she made sure that the children were in the middle with the mama and daddy on either side) and hung them from our mantel.


  1. I have just spent the last hour searching for toddler/valentine activities and found NOTHING as cute and easy as these! Thanks for posting!

  2. This is what we'll be doing today. J has a stomach bug so this will be a nice distraction. Thanks

  3. We did this the other day too! They are hanging on our windows and look darling.

  4. woohoo a perfect snow day activity for us for this weekend. Thank you