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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Handmade Fairies

We love fairies! My mom made faires for the girls from pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, silk flowers, and felt for Christmas (with a little help from me). She followed the directions from Wee Felt Folk.

My mom put the fairies in an unfinished box that she will finish with the girls to make fairy houses. She made specific fairies to match a series of stories that she tells the girls at bedtime. She plans to eventually write a book of the stories for the girls, and we've started planning how we'll illustrate it. She also gave the girls unfinished dollhouse doors to make into fairy doors. O has had a wonderful time playing with her fairies, and we've recently had some fun new additions to our play that I'll be reviewing next week.


  1. Can I come and hang out with you and your mom? Seriously I want to be your BFF you two have the best crafty ideas!

  2. Very cute! We don't see much of fairies and princesses in our boy-filled house!

    Also, I just linked to your post of making Baby crinkly squares. I made some a while ago for my little baby and he loves them!

  3. Hi from New Zealand, these fairies are so delightful cheers Marie

  4. hi, I love your faries, I just got permission from my principal to do a irish folklore unit and to add tropping faries, the magic tree house research book and her new book by mary pope osborne inspired me, I love yours, Could kindergarteners do it??? would boys be interested???

  5. Thanks!

    I think these dolls would be a little tedious for kindergarteners to make. Although, if you just left the body as a pipe cleaner instead of wrapping it with embroidery floss, it'd be much easier and more doable for young kids. I definitely think boys would like it...the dolls don't have to be faires. They could be fire fighters or other "boy" type things :)