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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in the Snow

It rarely snows here, so when it does we get VERY excited. We had almost 6 inches of snow on Friday night, which is more snow than we've ever had in my lifetime. I think Elliott and I were more excited than O. Here are a few highlights...

Elliott pulled O around the yard on water skis. They were perfect for snow! O was thrilled that she was snow skiing!!!

Our inner tubes were also perfect for sledding down hills!

O and I made snow paint...I filled 3 bottles with water, and O put a few drops of food coloring in each bottle. I had a lot of fun painting our snow man. O was much more interested in eating the snow. When I asked her to help me, she said "I can't. I'm eating the snow. Snow tastes gooder than food!" The snow tasted even better after Elliott insisted that we sprinkle organic sugar on it for O to enjoy (it's healthy if it's organic, right ? :)

Our snowman building skills are pretty pathetic, but he looked pretty cool once we painted him...he looked tie-dyed :)

We made snow cream. O filled a mug with snow, and I poured half and half and a couple of drops of vanilla extract in the mug and mixed it up. She said it was delicious!

Elliott collected a bowl of snow, and we poured warm maple syrup over it. It doesn't look that appetizing in the picture, but it was VERY good.

I was surprised to see this snow sculpture on our fence...a pregnant belly and boobies :)

We played in the snow for a couple of hours, and I was SO grateful for the Beco...E was nice and cozy and slept the whole time we played.


  1. Neat! I just posted about our rainbow spray painted snowman in my blog!!

  2. try our secret family recipe for snow ice cream... which isn't so secret b/c i blogged about it a coupla weeks ago. ;) sooo easy and YUMMY!

  3. Love the water-ski idea. We are big water skiiers but nevr thought of using them. Looks like you had fun in the snow.

  4. Yeah, the snow sculpture was pretty funny. It was near the garage, so I think the snow falling from the corner of the garage helped form it :)

  5. We just painted snow too with our 42" of snow that we got! Jacob loved it!!!!

  6. Sounds like you took advantage of every project you could in the snow! When you have a lot of snow a you don't appreciate it as much!