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Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Embroidery Project

O recently completed her first embroidery project! She was so proud and excited, and I loved watching her intense focus and attention. For her first embroidery project, she chose red thread and did not want to follow a pattern. She just wove the thread in and out to make lines on her cloth. She was very engrossed in this activity, and we are both looking forward to more embroidery projects for her.


  1. This is awesome and a great idea since I have a lot of scrap fabric left over. I also saw somewhere using placemats with large holes in them too.

    Guess what I'm putting on my summer project list! LOL!

  2. My 4-year-old Montessori students make a pillow as an end of year project. They start by embroidering their initial on a piece of fabric (printed...I let them choose their piece). then, they sew a piece of felt to the back. We turn it inside out, stuff it, and finish it with a looping stitch. These are very cute and quite popular with my students and their parents.