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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Geometric Solids Extension

O has enjoyed working with the geometric solids lately. For this activity, I put out each geometric solid. O had a stack of cards with pictures of everyday objects that represented the different geometric solids. She matched the cards to the appropriate shape. She enjoyed this work, but I realized after she completed it that it would have been better if we had lined the geometric solids from top to bottom so that she would be placing the cards from left to right. I'll remember next time...

I downloaded and printed the geometric solids cards from Our Montessori Story.


  1. If she had done it from the other way up then it would have been a physical block graph - especially useful as a visual if there are not the equal amounts of pictures for each shape so that O could see the different length of each column depending on how many pictures she had.

    Clear as mud, sorry!

  2. Too funny, we did the EXACT same activity today. I used cards from Montessori for Everyone though. The children really enjoyed it. The interest had been waning in the solids lately and now they are excited about them again.

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  5. Is there someplace I can order a relatively inexpensive set of the geometric solids? Thank you.

  6. I love your extension to the geometric solids! I featured your post and photo in my geometric solids post at