Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing Drums

After playing What's Inside? E enjoys playing the tin like a drum. We make drums out of empty mixed nut containers and other random containers. She also thinks it's hilarious to slap my stomach like a drum :)

A few days ago I took out several pots and pans to use as drums. I enjoyed playing these drums even more than the girls did!


  1. It's fun to just get down in the floor and play sometimes isn't it? I've been having fun building towers and stuff with my son this week. Granted, he just comes over and knocks them down, but still!

  2. We have an old popcorn tin (umm, I was going to repurpose it into a trachcan) that is my 2 1/2 year old's favorite drum. She especially likes using Daddy's antique drumsticks on it.

  3. So fun!
    I just got a new "Featured on the Activity Mom" button. I've featured so many of your great ideas from ABC crayons to ice treasures. If you want a button, please come on over and grab the code.
    Either way, thank you for all of your great posts and inspiration!

  4. How sweet and fun at this age. I have a newborn too and it's easy to forget all the simple stuff to do when they're that young.