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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sensory Beanbags

I made E a set of sensory beanbags for Easter, and she LOVES them!!! (O has started choosing E's clothes in the mornings...just in case you were wondering :)

To make the beanbags, I chose several different types of materials...cotton, fleece, satin, corduroy, flannel, and velvet. On one side of each beanbag is a textured material and on the other side is a visually stimulating material. I cut 4 inch squares out of the material, sewed 2 squares back to back, trimmed the corners, and turned the beanbags. I filled 3 of the beanbags with stuffing, so they are actually mini pillows instead of beanbags...I didn't want to put beans in the fabrics with a looser weave because I was afraid that the beans would come out and be a choking hazard. Three of the beanbags are made from materials with a tighter weave, so we filled them with rice, lentils, and beans (1 material in each bag) so that she would have different sensory experiences with each bag. The beanbags were so easy to make, and I'm thankful to my mom for finishing them for me...I don't have the patience to sew the openings closed after flipping and filling the bags :)



    I wanted to enter you in this creative mom contest in hopes you would win some money for all of your hard work. :) However, it requires linking a photo or youtube video, and I didn't have permission to take one off your site! :(

    So, if you help me I will nominate you, and then you can post it here so that everyone can vote for you!
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  2. Great idea! I have a baby the same age as yours, and I bet he would love these!

  3. I made a beanbag like this for my little one a while ago and he loves it, too. I just made one yet ... I would love to make more but I am not sure ... He LOVES to eat them! If I give him the bag it instantly goes to his mouth. I wouldn't mind but as I sewed it up the same way as you did I can not wash it. I am guessing it would not be a good idea to wash the bean bag with the filling, would it? But if I let him chew it ... it does get dirty and spit on and stuff ... so I am not too sure whether I should keep giving it to him. Is that a problem for you? I was just wondering since E seems to be happily chewing it in the photo. ;-)

  4. Miss Muffin- E LOVES to chew and suck on the beanbags (I don't let her put the ones with beans in them in her mouth). I haven't washed them yet, but when I need to wash other stuffed items I put them in a mesh garment bag and wash them on delicate. I've never had any problems...yet.

  5. Oooh, I may have to make some of these. My niece is about 16 months old and loves textures and such. These would be a great way to keep her busy in the a.m.

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