Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exploring a New Basket of Treasures

I gave E a new treasure basket this week. It's filled with coral that her grandmother brought over for E and O, and she loves it! I watch her carefully since she puts everything in her mouth. I don't like for her to gnaw on the coral, but I let her put it in her mouth to experience the taste and texture (and I even tried it myself to make sure that the coral wasn't too abrasive for her tender gums).

I love to watch my girls play with natural objects, such as rocks, shells, and coral, and it's nice to know that they actually prefer these things to junky plastic toys (usually!). I love how E has her sweet feet propped on the basket as she explores the coral!


  1. and what a lovely shot...she is engrossed in it!

  2. adorable ! What a great idea ! I love that you put it in your mouth too! I used to do that w/ everything that I offered my daughter such as food or medicine etc just to know what she was in for so to speak :D

  3. Too cute! I need to set something up like that for my daycare babies :) Thanks for sharing!