Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Planting E's Tree

We FINALLY planted E's Pear tree last weekend! We plant fruit trees for each of our children when they are babies, and I was relieved to get E's tree planted before she turned one! We planted a peach tree and a fig tree when O was a baby, and we planted a plum tree on the due date of the baby we lost. We now have trees full of peaches, figs, and plums, and we are so excited to have fresh, organic fruit picked straight from our yard this summer. I can't wait to have pears next summer! Elliott and O worked hard to plant the tree. E and I held it steady while they shoveled dirt, and E really wanted to get down and eat some dirt!


  1. you know, I wanted to do this for my children, but never have! Enjoy the fruits of your labor :)