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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Spoons

We did lots of Christmas activities on Saturday, and we all stayed in our pjs all day long.  I love pj days!  Our daily book was the Grinch.  After we read the book, we made chocolate spoons and hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.  Then we watched the Grinch movie. 

To make the chocolate spoons, I melted semi-sweet chocolate pieces in the microwave.  We rolled the spoons in the melted chocolate until they were completely covered and then decorated them with sprinkles and marshmallows. We put the spoons in the freezer to harden before using them to stir our hot chocolate.  

Our hot chocolate was extra delicious since we stirred it with chocolate spoons!

After we finished our hot chocolate, we decorated our gingerbread house.  I always buy gingerbread house kits after Christmas when they are 50 to 75% off.  I pack them with our Christmas decorations, and when we decorate them, we have the perfect excuse to not eat that yucky candy and's too old!  We have lots of fun and no kiddos beg to eat candy :)

After we decorated our gingerbread house, we all took a nighttime pj ride to see the lights in our area.  Unfortunately, there was only one house with a lot of lights...we drove by it 4 times!  After the fourth time, O asked "why does daddy keep driving by the same house?" 


  1. Oooohh! Chocolate spoons! We are *so* doing that--because I know I can get all the stuff over here:-)) I've mostly given up trying to recreate my mother's recipes since it's so hard (or expensive--grrr!) to find the ingredients. This, though, we can do! Thanks!

  2. Chocolate spoons is part of our Christmas eve tradition, can't wait to get making them again!

  3. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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