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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Pet Softie

E LOVES our cat, Gracie.  She wants to pet Gracie and hug and kiss her.  Unfortunately, Gracie is scared of E, so E never gets too close to her before Gracie runs away.  Poor E.  She is completely obsessed with cats, but her own cat will have nothing to do with her....Mama to the rescue!

This Gracie will never run away from E, and she can hug and kiss her as much as she wants!  I know she is going to love this, and I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens it!

To make the Gracie softie, I took a picture of Gracie (this is easier said than done!) and printed it on iron-on transfer paper.  I cut the picture out and ironed it onto a piece of white cotton fabric.  I cut around the image and sewed it right side to right side to a coordinating piece of cat fabric.  I left a small opening for turning, snipped around the edges, and turned it.  I stuffed it, and my mom sewed the opening closed.  Easy and fast!  

It felt really good to finally make this Gracie softie since it's something that I've planned to make since O was a cat obsessed toddler who could never get very close to Gracie!


  1. i love it!!! haha
    What was her reaction??

  2. Our daughter *LOVES* our cat. The poor darling is very long suffering. I've started taking my daughter to an animal shelter occassionally to share the love. It works out great, she has lots of fun patting all the cats, and they get a bit of attention from a child. My boys enjoy the trip out too.