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Monday, December 20, 2010

O's Recent Bento Box Lunch

I was very happy with O's simple bento box lunch last week, so I thought I'd share.  She must have been happy with it, too, because she ate everything!  I was shocked since she usually only eats about a third of what I send (she eats the rest later for an afternoon snack).

She loved her gingerbread man shaped cheese. 

On the bottom layer, she had wheat thin sticks with dark chocolate almond butter for dipping, mandarin oranges, and a Hershey's kiss.  She was SO excited about the Hershey's kiss, and she told me that she ate it first.

On the top layer, she had snow peas and carrots with ranch dip and another Hershey's kiss.  She loves snow peas and thinks it is amazing that she eats peas raw :)

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  1. That's what I've been meaning to put up--things I did for kindergarten obento! Would O like Rabbit Apples and Octopus Sausages in her lunchbox? :-))