Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a Wonderful Night!

O did an amazing job as a cherub in The Nutcracker Ballet last night.  She glowed as she ran across the stage.  It was clear that she loved every minute of it, and she was not nervous at all! (I was much more nervous than she was!)

E also did an amazing job...she sat and was completely enthralled by the ballet for more than 2 hours.  AMAZING!  This child does not sit still.  She's a walker, runner, climber, pulling everything out of everything kind of kid, so I was very worried about how she would handle being so still and quiet for so long.  I talked to her several times during the day yesterday about how she was going to have to be very quiet while she watched the dancers.  She seemed to understand, and I guess she really did!  Hooray for our amazing girls!!!!


  1. waooo.that is so nice!!I am glad you had the chance to enjoy the show.

  2. Yeah!!! I know O had fun and so happy that E sat and watched. It is amazing what these little sponges know and understand at such a young age!!