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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As Dirty As They Wanna Be!

After the sun finally came out today, I asked the girls if they wanted to go to our wooded lot to play in the clay pile.  They said "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"  I told them to put on old clothes, so that they could get as dirty as possible.   Their eyes lit up!

They had SO much fun and got SO dirty!

They went swimming in the lake to wash off, and they were thrilled to swim in their clothes.  Fun times!


  1. Great post! The dirtier, the more involved they are, the better time they're having and the more they're learning. 3 cheers!

  2. My kids have always LOVED the getting dirty days. We don't have a lake though, so sometimes the getting hosed off before going inside isn't so much fun - but we live in a trailer, and the back door is nearly as far from the bathroom as you can possibly get! LOL

    Looks like they had a TON of fun!