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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How We Wrap...

There are several things that I don't enjoy doing, and I'm not good at, baking, and wrapping presents (I'm sure there are LOTS more, but these are the things that come up frequently).  So, when it's time to wrap presents, I make it REALLY easy on myself!

I wrap the presents in white paper from the girls' easel, and they decorate it using paint, markers, crayons, or stickers.  The girls are always SO proud, and their wrapping paper is definitely original!


  1. I use old fingerpaintings from my almost 2 yr old to wrap gifts. I get unique gift wrap and I use up the artwork at the same time. She loves to help pick out which painting we will use to wrap the gifts.

  2. We use old fingerpaintings as gift wrap. My almost 2 yr old loves to help me pick out which painting to use. It also solves the problem of what to do with all the paintings.

  3. I wrap presents like that too. It's great!