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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soap Clouds

The girls and I had SO much fun making soap clouds last week!  We put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave, turned it on, and watched.

I don't know how long we microwaved the soap because we kept stopping the microwave to check it.  The cloud deflated a bit every time we opened the microwave door, so then we'd turn it on for a little longer.  At one point, we pulled the cloud off the soap and there was a little bar of soap left.  O(5) and I made the mistake of touching it, so we had HOT sticky soap on our fingers and it hurt!  We put the bar back in the microwave and made a 2nd cloud.   We let it cool before touching it this time!

We took the soap clouds down to the slip n slide to make it didn't help much.  We just aren't that good at slipping and sliding :)

The girls had fun using the soap clouds to scrub the pedal boat.

This was so simple and so much fun.  Next time they are planning to use their soap clouds to clean their play house!

The idea for making soap clouds came from this blog via Pinterest.


  1. Try wetting the slip and slide then covering it with shaving cream (like a whole can or two's worth). Also, we use a tarp instead of a "real" slip and slide :)

  2. Shaving cream is a good idea. We used Dawn and large plastic worked for a friend, but they just couldn't bring themselves to throw themselves down and slide on their bellies. It was still fun though!