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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Popsicle Paint

Last summer I saw popsicle paint on a friend's facebook page, and I really wanted to try it with my girls (since they loved painting with ice-cubes so much).  I finally found the perfect popsicle trays this spring, and the girls and I had fun making popsicle paint!

First, they filled the tray with water.

Then we added in a little bit of liquid watercolor into each container.

We put the popsicle trays in the freezer for about a day or so, and then we had popsicle paint!

The popsicles kept falling off the sticks which was a little annoying.

We still had fun with it, but I think we'll use wooden popsicle sticks next time in the hope that they'll stay together a little better.

I think this will be a perfect activity for our "Art on the Beach" days!


  1. that its a great healthy idea!!!
    do you have any particular books of activities that you can suggest.
    I ve been following you for quite sometime now and other websites, but I find myself endlessly in the computer. I would like to find activities for toddlers on a routine basis. Almost as a curriculum
    if you have any suggestions gladly to hear... in the meantime im going back to research :>

  2. Ive seen a few painting with ice posts, but I love how you've changed it up a bit and given the kids something to hold to paint with. Think this'll be great for us to do outdoors when we eventually get some good weather! Thanks for the idea