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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Customized Wooden Dolls...A Review!

Amaria from Amaria's Paper Works sent us these gorgeous wooden "paper" dolls to review shortly before we found out about Elliott's brain tumor.  So, the review was put on hold, and I'm finally getting to it!

We love these customized paper dolls!  She used pictures of the girls to make the dolls.  My favorite thing about these dolls (and the thing that makes them different from other dolls that we've reviewed) is that they are mounted on a wooden backing!  They are very sturdy and well-made.

I also love the packaging!  Here is the front...  It includes a picture of the paper (wooden) doll and a biography of the child which makes a very special keepsake.

Here is the back of the package... 

Here is a description of the dolls from Amaria's shop...

"The magnetic dress-up dolls from Amaria's PaperWork are designed to be played with. They are mounted on 1/8" craft wood with a magnetic sheet sandwiched between the layers and finished with varnish. Both the dolls and their clothes are printed from my own original artwork. The clothes are laminated for strength and durability and attach to the doll with magnetic dots."

Another thing that I LOVE about these paper dolls is that they have multi-cultural clothing!  Amaria sent us outfits that corresponded with the countries that we've studied (or will study) through our cultural exchange!

The outfits are laminated and attach to the dolls with a magnet.

These paper dolls are a great addition to our cultural studies, and I plan to set them up with their various multi-cultural costumes in the geography/culture section of our new school room!  Thank you to Amaria for sharing these wonderful dolls with us!