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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree "I Spy" Jars

The girls love The Little Christmas Tree which was their book of the day on December 4th.

Our super fun and simple activity to go along with this book was to make Christmas tree "I Spy" jars.

To make the I Spy jars, we filled glass tree jars with green split peas and Christmas buttons and/or miniature ornaments (with the strings taken off).  Before putting the buttons/ornaments in the jars, I took a pictures of the objects so we would know what to search for.  We've had a lot of fun twisting and turning the jars to find the tiny objects hidden inside!

This original jar is an old one that my mom gave me last year (I had this idea then, but waited until this year to actually do it).  The gift jars came from Walmart.  The miniature ornaments and Christmas buttons came from Michael's.

The girls and I had fun making these fun jars for their friends and cousins. 
I decided to not glue the jars shut because I thought people might want to change the objects out or use the jars in some other way.  I'm pretty sure this was a mistake because the tops come off the jars fairly easily, and we've already had a couple of spills at my house.  At least the girls will get lots of sweeping practice :)