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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Sweet Smell of Christmas- Day 2

The girls were so excited to open their 2nd Christmas book!

We all love The Sweet Smell of Christmas, and it reminds me of my childhood since it's a book that my mom read to me every Christmas.  Our activity to go along with this book was making a "humongo" gingerbread man!

They worked together to mix the ingredients to make the dough (we used a bag mix, so it was only 3 ingredients...I felt only slightly guilty at taking the easy way out and not making the cookie from scratch).

They had fun pressing the dough into the gingerbread shaped pan.

They loved decorating their gingerbread girl (they named her Sally) with green and red m & m's.

There was time for an impromptu ballet performance while Sally baked.

And she's done!

At first they said they couldn't bear to eat her, but they quickly changed their minds and had slice with a mug of hot chocolate!

I noticed E(3) watching me out of the corner of her eye, so I grabbed the camera and caught her licking her hot chocolate from her placemat :)

What a fun night!

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