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Monday, December 24, 2012

Cutting Coffee Filter Snowflakes...Or Not!

The Christmas Alphabet was our book of the day one day last week, and both girls really like this book.

This page was the inspiration for our go-along activity which was folding and cutting coffee filters to make snowflakes.

I cut a snowflake to show the girls how to do it.  They oohed and ahhed and said it was beautiful.  Then they started working on their own coffee filter creations.
O(6) decided that she'd rather make a butterfly than a snowflake, so she got right to work painting her coffee filter.

E(3) colored her coffee filter with markers and then folded it in half and clipped a clothes pin to it.  It was a fan, and she was an Egyptian fan bearer.  Then E requested a peacock, and the girls worked on it for more than an hour.
Here is the peacock in progress.  LOTS of glue, duct tape, coffee filters, time, love, and persistence went into making this beautiful peacock!

After they finished the peacock, E requested a clamshell and described exactly how she wanted it made.  The 3 of us worked on it together, and she was very happy with it.  Unfortunately, I can't find it to take a picture.
Evidently, coffee filters make the perfect cozy bed for tiny toys!  Who knew that coffee filters could be so much fun???

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  1. Ahhh yes, how often do we as parents have one idea of how a craft should go but our children have totally different ideas? :-) Good for you for allowing them to pursue THEIR interests rather than follow yours.