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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookie Count - Day 11

Cookie Count by Robert Sabuda was our book of the day for Dec. 11.  This book is always a favorite, and the last pop-up of a gingerbread house is the inspiration for the go-along activity.

As the go-along activity, we built and decorated a gingerbread village!  As I've mentioned in past years, I like to buy gingerbread cottage kits after Christmas (when the are 75% off), so that when we build them the girls are not tempted to sneak and eat the candy and icing (and I only pay about 2 dollars for the whole kit...candy, icing, cookies, and all!).  I love that we can concentrate on being creative and having fun building and decorating without the temptation of eating the candy.  The girls had no problem with this AT ALL (surprisingly), but Elliott was disappointed that the candy was too old to eat.  (He made me promise to never buy old gingerbread house kits again because he wants to eat the house next time...we'll see).

To us, these houses are beautiful!

Being able to spend a Tuesday morning building and decorating gingerbread cottages, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to Christmas music really makes me appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling and of Elliott's flexible work schedule!

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