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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crystallized Snowflakes

The girls, my niece, mom, and I had fun making crystallized snowflakes after reading the book, Snowflake Bentley.  We love this book, and the activity was fun and educational...a craft and science project all rolled into one!

To make crystallized snowflakes (and stars and initials), we made snowflakes using pipecleaners.  I dissolved   3 tablespoons of borax to 1 cup of boiling water (I made at least 6 batches of the solution) and poured the mixture over the pipe cleaner objects that we'd placed in glass pyrex containers.  After about 24 hours, we had crystals!  The girls were SO excited!

After the crystals grew for a while, we took them out of the borax solution and placed them on wax paper to dry.

We made these snowflakes a few years ago, but haven't done it again until now because I was afraid E(3) might put the crystals in her mouth, and they are dangerous.  Now that she is old enough to understand the danger and avoid it, we can do this project again!

Here's a link to the previous post from 2009.

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