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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jolly Old Santa Claus - Day 12

Jolly Old Santa Claus was our book of the day on Dec. 12th.  I was very sick on this day, so we didn't read the book or do the activity until the next day.  Luckily, I'd put a playmobil Santa Claus in  the bag with the book, so setting up the Santa and angel and playing with it was a perfect independent activity for the girls while their sick mama wallowed in misery :)

The go-along activity for this book was making a felt Santa Christmas ornament.  I bought this craft kit from Michael's last year after Christmas it was about 75% off the original kind of sale!

The girls really enjoyed making their Santa ornaments.  O(6) was determined to make her Santa look EXACTLY like the picture on the package, and she did a great job!

E(3) was adamant that Santa's beard was actually his hair.  She was also certain that his eyes were his eyebrows, and the holly berries were his eyes.  I love her creative version of Santa!

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