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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Dragonfly

O and I rescued this baby dragonfly from our pedal boat on Thursday. We watched him for a while, and O asked why he didn't fly away. I told her that he probably just needed to rest for a while. She put him down and said "I'm going to leave him alone so that he can rest and fly back to his mama for milkies so he can be healthy and strong." While I loved the image of the baby dragonfly flying to find his mama and then nursing so he could be healthy and strong, I decided this was a good opening for a discussion on the differences between mammals and insects :)

We've been playing archaelogist on the beach every morning this week...when we play archaelogist, we bury toys in the sand and dig them up while pretending they are dinosaur bones and eggs. O pretended that she had discovered a rhinocerous egg, so that launched another discussion about animals...the differences between dinosaurs, mammals, and reptiles. Fun times! (just in case you are wondering where E is during all of this...she usually plays with us on the beach for a little while before nursing and falling asleep in my arms...she naps better in my arms in the lake than anywhere else!)

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