Chasing Cheerios

Monday, August 23, 2010

Handprint Lilies Shadowbox

I made shadowboxes with flowers made from the girls' handprints along with a picture of them for their grandmothers for Mother's Day.
I followed the directions from Family Fun to make the Easter Lilies, and the shadow boxes came from IKEA. I'm really loving preserving special keepsakes along with photos in shadowboxes lately. I just wish I had a space to hang them :)


  1. Hi Melissa. Just wanted you to know that I was reading your posts in my Google reader and it looks like you put a few personal posts on this blog. I came to your blog and it looks like you've erased them but just wanted to let you know they're still in the reader.

  2. I was just about to say the same thing. We can (still) read all those personal posts! (Also google reader)

  3. I discovered a way to get posts out of the reader:
    1.delete the content of the post --not the whole post yet (you can also change the title)
    2. republish the posts (with the content deleted)
    3. you can then delete the posts from your blog (so the empty content doesn't show on your blog's home page)

    The empty posts will remain in the reader but the personal content will be gone.

    Sorry if I'm repeating something you already know.

  4. Was just going to tell you the same thing - I know how private you are. Mums the word with me though. :)

  5. Thanks, ladies! My brain was obviously not working last night. I've already deleted the post, so it's too late to get them out of google reader. I'll have to remember that for next time that I post in the wrong place :(

  6. love your header and your shadowbox.

    and yep i was going to post too that i got the post about the girls.

    i've done that before