Chasing Cheerios

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You!!!

Thanks to everyone who notified me of my accidental postings last night! I usually don't read the blog, so I depend on you to tell me if I make a mistake :) I was trying to quickly catch up on blogging for my private family blog and accidentally posted on the wrong blog. I'll blame it on extreme sleep deprivation...E's been sick for a week and a half...1st roseola and now a cold. I gave her a breathing treatment tonight, and hopefully it will help.

So, now you know the girls' names and have seen O's face...oh, well. Worse things could happen, I suppose :) Btw, did you see my amazing kayaking girl? Elliott put her on the kayak so she could see what it felt like to sit on it. She took off and seemed to instinctively know just what to do. E had her first ride on the kayak this weekend, too, but I don't think I posted those pics :)

So, thanks again, to all of you who commented and emailed to let me know about my accidental postings. I'll try to pay closer attention when blogging, but PLEASE let me know if you notice anything like this again. It really is important to us to maintain a little privacy out here in blogland.


  1. Heh, as soon as I read it, I zoomed over here to let you know and they were already gone. We got your back! :>)

  2. By the time I saw it, you had already removed it.

    But I have to say, I was pretty shocked looking at your beautiful girls. When in the world did O get so big?! I guess when I read your blog, I still picture that girl on the beach with her back to me...speaking of girls on the beach, I love the new tutu beach shot!

  3. Oh yes, I saw it too and thought that maybe it was an showed up in my reader but was not on the blog. ;)
    I am so happy that I did get to see how completely adorable they are though. O is growing so much and she looked so proud in her kayak!!
    Glad you caught it.

  4. I'm a new reader but thankful there were people here to comment and let you know. It's tough in the blogging world to maintain privacy!

    Recently an old high school friend of my husband's commented on my blog with my last name and location!! I wasn't very happy about that! lol
    Luckily I had hopped on to email my husband because his phone at work is not working and noticed the comment right after it was posted!

    Hopefully no one else saw it but friends!

    Anyway, I don't think I've commented before because I'm a new reader... so, hi! lol