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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Excavating Objects from the Ice

Freezing small objects in bowls of water and then excavating them is one of our favorite summertime activities (this is the 3rd year that we've done this)!

O and her cousin had a great time using spoons, salt, water, etc. to remove the objects from the ice. O eventually took her block of ice to the carport and threw it down as hard as she could. She had to throw it a couple of times, but it eventually shattered and sent pieces of ice and objects flying. She was very excited! The girls gathered the pieces of ice and put them back in the freezer...they plan to make ice sculptures with them one day :)


  1. I need to do that soon! Great reminder of such a simple, but oh so fun activity!

  2. What a great idea!!

  3. this should keep J busy while we do school with O. Karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

  4. I love this idea! We used to do a lot of excavating of fossils or rocks buried in sand, but we never tried excavating objects from ice. I love the wonderful ideas you share and gave you the Wild about Your Blog Award at

  5. I like the idea of digging things out of ice. I'd have never thought of it. I enjoy the updates you post about the things you and the kids do together. I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award at my following post: