Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prize Necklaces

O, my mom, and I made prize necklaces for the children who attended O's 4th birthday party in July.

To make prize necklaces, you need ribbons, cellophane, and small treats. I cut strips of cellophane that were about 7 inches wide. I put a pack of cookies in the center and rolled it and tied it at each end. We then put 2 prizes on each side of the cookies to make a total of 5 prizes in each necklace. Each prize is separated from the next by ribbons tied around the cellophane.

The other prizes included mini bubbles, mini playdough, bouncy balls, silly bandz, glitter glue, smarties, mini boxes of raisins, punch balloons, etc. We had fun making the prize necklaces, and they were a hit with O's friends!


  1. I grew up in Hawaii and everyone would make Candy or Penny Leis. If you google it they even have You Tube Videos on it. It's just like your prize necklaces, but with candy or pennies and it goes all the way around the entire necklace or lei. I never would have thought about making this for a party. Great Idea!

  2. I've never thought of doing that! How creative!