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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun with Fridge Phonics

E LOVES our Fridge Phonics magnetic letters! She takes the magnets on and off the refrigerator, and she loves to crawl around with one in her mouth. I'm very glad that they are quite big and pose no choking hazard. She is learning to put the magnets into the docking station to make the music play. Fun!


  1. My three year old still loves this toy as well. Very helpful in teaching phonics. :)

  2. We have this on our fridge too. Lots of fun creating words, etc. Have a great night!

  3. I went to the store today looking for fridge magnets, but could only find the ABC magnets that had a HUGE choking & health risk warning on them. Then I saw this thing and couldn't decide if I should get it. I think I'll go back for it tomorrow!

  4. My almost 1yo love ours too. She hasn't figured out about putting them in the docking station yet. Her favorite thing to do is bang it on the tile floor. It's not working that well at the moment [grin]. We find them all over the house since she loves to carry them

  5. We have these on Layby for Christmas.

    Both my 2 love fridge magnets & I thought this would be a much better alternative & a lot more educational.

    Can't wait to get them. :)