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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun with Goop

One of our summer activities is to make goop by the lake (this is the 3rd summer we've done this). To make goop you mix equal parts water and cornstarch. Since O just scoops water into a container from the lake, we don't measure the water and always end up with too much. I think I'll take a measuring cup with us down to the lake next time!

After we played with the goop for a while, we added in food coloring. O started to mix it very quickly with her hands, and I slowed her down and showed her how to slowly drag her finger through the food coloring to make a trail of color.

After mixing all of the colors, she decided to add some beach sand to the mixture along with a little more food coloring.

After mixing up the blue sand, she sprinkled it on the beach, so we had a blue polka dotted beach for a little while. While O was swimming the brazen minnows kept biting her mosquito bites, so she took the blue food coloring into the water and threatened to make them blue. Unfortunately, that didn't deter them at all :)


  1. Hi, I have a little blogaward for you at my blog

    Thank you for all the inspiration and all your great ideas!

  2. Got to love goop! In the holidays the boys and I made goop outside and coloured it green. It ended up all over the garden and we could tell the chickens had been into it too because they had little green goopy beaks :)

  3. Awesome! I need to make some of this... :) The hand in the pic with the feet throws me off every time I look at the pic -- Ahhh! LOL Thanks for sharing -- looks like fun and all the ingredients are available! :)