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Monday, November 15, 2010

Corks in a Container

Yes, it's another "putting objects in a container" post!  It's what she loves, so it's what we do!

My mom had a bunch of corks when we were at her house this weekend, and she asked me what she could do with them.  I told her we should find a container with an opening that was the same size as the corks.  She disappeared soon after that (I thought she was washing clothes, but she was really searching for the perfect container), and found the perfect container.  E was SO excited!  I wish I'd videotaped her because her excitement over this activity is not adequately shown by the pictures (especially since I'm trying to crop them to show less of her face!)

After she put the corks in the container, she enjoyed closing the top.

She opened it and tried to shake the corks out.

I eventually showed her how to take the whole top off to shake the corks out of the container.

E was supervised very closely during this activity since corks are a choking hazard.  I was very glad that she was so into putting them into the container that she spent very little time putting them into her mouth!


  1. at one point I was saving corks to make a cork board and I kept them inside a container. my kids really liked playing with it and of course I didn't realize how beneficial that actually was! :)

  2. When mine were a little older (2 or 21/2) I made a slightly more difficult version using flat glass (rounded edge--unbreakable, don't know what they're called in English, sorry!) pieces that look a little like flattened marbles. I used 2 small square tupperware boxes and cut a hole in the lid of each one. One hole was big enough for the pieces to slide in easily; the other was *just* big enough for the pieces to go in, so they had to push a little to get it in. Then just take the lid off and dump the pieces off to play again:)) Using a tray, of course;-)

  3. Guess I gotta start drinking some wine. Not that I needed a reason! Great idea.

  4. Hello,

    here is the next step with little buttons to put into a box...My boy likes it.

    Have a nice day!