Chasing Cheerios

Monday, November 1, 2010


E has had fun learning the concept of "sticky" this week!  I taped a large piece of contact paper with the sticky side out on our sliding glass door.  She loves to touch it, pat it, and pull it down (next time I'll used duct tape, so it won't come off so easily). 

We put various objects and toys on it to see if they would stick.  The kapla blocks stuck for hours, and clothes pins stuck for a few minutes.  Larger objects didn't stick at all :)  This is an activity that we will do often as I plan to show her how to put construction paper and tissue paper on the contact paper to make a collage next week.


  1. Love it! We taped the contact paper to the floor. They had a blast.

  2. This is such a great little toddler activity!!! Thanks for sharing. I believe my little bear will love it - and the older siblings will probably want in to!

  3. Might be fun to use some sand/colored sugar on it as well!

    Love your ideas! I appreciate that you give them one at a time. Websites and books overwhelm me with tons of ideas and I burn out quickly.

  4. I love contact paper. I just did this with my son last week. He's 15 months today.