Chasing Cheerios

Friday, November 12, 2010

Handmade Purse from Fat Connection

Pauline from Fat Connection sent O this adorable purse for her 4th birthday (I took pics then and just realized that I'd never blogged about it!  Sorry, Pauline!).  O loves her purse, and E loves it, too.  Luckily, O doesn't mind sharing, and E looks adorable with the purse over her shoulder as she walks around. 

Fat Connection is having a sale now, so you should check it out.  I love the iron-on transfers, and I may have to get this cat fabric to make something for my cat obsessed baby!


  1. And now you know what to put in O's obento! I could see a Tako-san weiner, Tamagoyaki, meatballs... ("Tako-san weiner"= Octopus weiner, they're easy to make. When I get time, I'm going to post about Thing To Put In An Obento on my blog. Tomorrow is Weekend Origami, though:))

  2. Thank you Melissa! Really happy that both O likes it. :)