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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Fairy Houses

My sister and I cut foam pumpkins (from Michael's) to make Fall Fairy Houses for our girls.  I think my sister and I were more excited about these houses than the girls were. 

The girls and I put our fairy houses in our rice pit this afternoon.  I had lots of fun playing with them.  E joined me, but O was too busy working on her own project (and wanted some "alone time").

I cut the doors, windows, and top of the pumpkin using an x-acto knife. It cut easily and the cut is smooth. My sister used a pumpkin decorating knife and the cut was much more rough and more difficult to cut.

(The idea for using foam pumpkins to make fairy houses came from Pink and Green Mama). 


  1. Those are adorable!!! I'm kicking myself for not picking those up at Michael's today! I always do that - I gotta stop hesitating & just realize that as soon as I get home, the "what to do with this' will come! :)

  2. The art teacher at the school where I used to teach third grade made such an elaborate pumpkin house for her granddaughter three years ago. It had a hinged door and a lot of other wonderful things. Wish I had taken pics of it.