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Friday, November 19, 2010

O's Job Jar

O and I recently made a job jar for her to motivate her to do more jobs around the house.  (she has a chore chart, but we both tend to forget to even look at it).  The job jar is filled with craft sticks, and we wrote one job on each stick.  She chooses 3 sticks after lunch, and she get to choose 2 of the 3 jobs to complete.  She's excited about her jobs, and I hope this will help us keep things a little neater in our small, crowded house!

Here are a few of O's jobs...

dust shelves
clean cabinet doors, refrigerator door, stove door, etc (she LOVES this one...she dampens a sponge and cleans everything with!)
organize art shelf
organize bedroom (this one seems to be impossible lately)
make her bed
vacuum hallway (using small vacuum)
fold dish towels
clean mirrors
clean glass doors


  1. I'd love a list of the chores you used, if you wouldn't mind sharing. My daughter is my first, and I sometimes under/over estimate what she can handle! :)

    pandora665 at yahoo dot com

  2. Great idea! I like that you do it at the same time everyday and that she gets to pick 2 out of 3. =)

  3. I would also really be interested in hearing the list of chores. I am trying to work with my almost 5 and 3 year old. Right now they help pick up their rooms, take turns setting the table for dinner and then just the regular pick up of toys each day.

  4. LOVE this!! I so understand about the crowded house part. What a great idea.
    Yet another one of your gems I am adding to my Google Doc list!!
    Thank you.

  5. I love this idea! I have been wanting to get Arin more involved in the housekeeping chores, but have been struggling with how to accomplish this. I like the idea of a chore chart, but just didn't think it'd work for us. I love your idea of craft sticks and a jar. Seems so simple and the fact that she only has to do two of the three jobs would probably be more appealing to her! What types of jobs do you include on the sticks?

  6. fantasic idea :) I'm gonna try this out, thanks!

  7. great idea I need to do one :)

    oh the G and G is still in my google reader. sorry I'm just now letting you know I meant to tell you earlier.

  8. Oh! I like this idea so much more than my chore chart that I too often forget about!

  9. Love it! I made a jar yesterday and my 2 girls have started using it. Great blog!