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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Putting Clothes Pins in a Container

Here's another of E's favorite activities!  To make this activity, I cut a square opening in a 2 liter bottle and lined the edges with duct tape.  E puts the clothes pins in the top, and she takes them out of the bottle via the square opening.  Since her current interest is putting small objects into any and every container, this is the perfect activity for her.  The clothes pins catch on the rim of the bottle if she puts them in with the open end down, and it's fun to watch her think this through and figure out what to do.  Watching her focus on a task is so much fun!

After she finished working with the 2 liter container, she took her imbucare box from the shelf.  She enjoys putting her small animals in it, and on this day she put O's yogurt drink container in it (she carried the yogurt cotainer around ALL day).  She had fun putting the clothes pins in the yogurt container, too.

Then we put her small animals in a Coke box and closed the lid.  She kept opening the box and waving at the animals.  It was incredibly cute.  She is the friendliest baby, and she waves at everyone (and everything!) she sees.  I adore her.


  1. What a great toddler activity! This would be wonderful for grandparents to have at their homes as well. I love the idea of inexpensive materials that are fun and so developmentally helpful for toddlers.
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  2. Mine are bigger now--so this makes me feel a little nostalgic:)) *So* cute! A sitter I had come to help once when my older two were 2 1/2 and 6 mos (respectively) brought a regular-sized pet bottle with her and a length of plastic chain with bright colored links (probably from the dollar shop for hanging flower pots or something). My oldest was *entranced* trying to get the chain to come back out after she put it in the bottle for him. Simple rules!

  3. This takes me back to when my son loved putting in and taking out! What fun it was to find objects for him to put into containers. We used large wooden beads and sorting boxes! Lisa Nolan

  4. I'll have to track down a plastic bottle for this. My little one would really love it. We do toothpicks into a shredded cheese shaker and she's really very good at it, but I have to keep a very watchful eye on her with it because of the tiny toothpicks.