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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun with Letters

Since we've been "studying" letters of the week (or we usually stay on one letter for at least 2 weeks), I've put together this fun ABC activity for E(2).

In the basket are the 3 letters that we've "studied." We take out one letter at a time, and I hand her one object at a time to place on the letter. We say the letter name and sound, and then label the object as she puts them on the letters. She thinks this is a lot of fun. Eventually, she'll take the basket on her own and match the objects to their correct letters.

Edit to add: I did not make these letters. They are from a set that my mom bought and used when she was a teacher many years ago.


  1. nice work. i like . what kind of sticky fabric did you use?

  2. That looks great! Did you make the letters? I have seen fabric letters made before but these ones are great because of their stuffing!

    I need to get more creative!

  3. Melissa amazing work as always! You're a lucky mom and your children are fortunate to have you as their mom.

    Could you share the ingredients (so to speak) of the letters and 'objects.' I've been hunting for such a set for many months and have come to the conclusion that I'll have no choice but to make my own set.


  4. I was directed to your site while doing a search for montessori sequencing activities and decided to stay for a bit and have a look around. Such a nice blog you have. I'm sure I will be dropping in again as I try to come up with more learning activities for my littles. Thanks again. Jaime.

  5. Very fun and cute ideas. Your kids must have so much fun.