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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our "B" Weeks!

We have had fun doing lots of "B" activities for the past 2 weeks! E(2) received several fun "B" items in her ABC Fun Pack...bugs that stick to the windows, balloon punch balls, blue bubbles, gummy bears, B printables, etc.

She loved the bugs, and we started playing with them immediately after opening the package.

She loved feeling the bark on the trees in our yard.

She decided that she was going to climb a dogwood tree.

We kicked and bounced balls.

We played with our balloon punch balls.

She and O(5) both LOVE the stories from our Action Alphabet book which we read almost every day (at their request).

She pretended to be a ballerina.

She painted with blue paint.

We made butterflies out of coffee filters and clothes pins.

They spread their wings and flew like birds while on an afternoon walk.

We wrote E's name using glue and black beans. She was excited about this activity at first, but lost interest because she preferred to play with the objects from the black bean bowl.

We had a wonderful time playing with unit blocks on our porch.

We had fun playing with our Noah's Ark balancing blocks.

E loved matching the blocks.

E loves to hold the bugs from our dead bug collection.

We had a fantastic time playing with pop beads! I kept a close eye on her though since she is still a bit unpredictable about putting things in her mouth.

We read about bats in Stellaluna, and she ran inside to show me that she could hang by her feet to sleep.

She loves to paint with her dot painters.

We played on the beach. E(2) kept dipping her head in the water.

She met Smokey the Bear.

We played with our miniature bowling game.

We went for kayak rides and "bumped the buoy"...always a favorite activity!

She traced the sandpaper "b" while saying the "b" sound.

She loved playing with her nesting blocks.

We played the Mystery Bag game with "b" objects.

She played with her 3 people in a boat toy.

She also balanced on the balance beam, had "boat school" (at her request), made homemade (bread machine) bread, made butter, picked and ate basil leaves, etc. I never realized how many things/activities start with "b" until I started making a list of "b" activities...we could stay on "b" week for months!


  1. Wow, I love seeing all those activities you thought up. A question: how in the world do you keep track of all that stuff? How do you organize it? Do you keep it when you're done or get rid of it. I have a "preschool cupboard" but it's always overflowing and there's never enough room for everything.

  2. What a fantastic find! I love your blog and started following it recently. I also use the Amazing Action Alphabet and my kids love it! We're doing B week next week and I love your ideas! How do you keep everything straight? Just trying to organize everything for school (I teach a 3 yr old preschool class out of my home) I have a study that is constantly overflowing with supplies and I can't stay organized.

  3. We also use the Action Alphabet book and love it too!

  4. I am not sure why I never commented on your blog, but I just want to let you know that I am a huge fan of your ideas. Will start the Action Alphabet next week.