Chasing Cheerios

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sorting Silverware

Sorting silverware was a huge hit with E(2)! As soon as she saw the tray, she got to work and knew just what to do!

The silverware set came from IKEA, and it's the perfect size for sweet E.

I love to spend our "school" time on our porch, so that we can hear the birds and enjoy the view of the lake. Fun times!

Sorting silverware is a recommended activity in John Bowman's Montessori at Home. I highly recommend this book!


  1. What a great idea! So appealing! Did the IDEA silverware come in the little tray or did you find is somewhere else? Love it! Thanks!

  2. The tray came with the silverware. I was going to add a link, but I don't see it on the webpage. :(

  3. Found it!

  4. Thanks for hunting down the link Melissa! So cute! Of course they don't have this at our closest store or online. :( Fun to ponder though...

  5. Nice activity, Melissa, I linked you in a couple of places.