Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween "I Spy" Bottle

E(2) has had fun finding the objects in our Halloween "I Spy" bottle that I made last year!

After this bottle was such a hit last year, I had plans to make "I Spy" bottles for Christmas and Valentine's Day. I never found the time to do that last year, but I'm determined to make it happen this year...I'll let you know if I'm successful :)


  1. Love this idea! What did you use as a filler? How did you seal the lid?

  2. I used black beans as a filler. I didn't seal the lid. So far, no one has tried to open it so it's been okay :)

  3. What kinds of things did you put inside? Was there a 'list' of things they need to find?