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Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Lanterns

My sister, mom, and niece made some awesome Halloween lanterns last week, and I just couldn't resist sharing them with you! (we made some of these a couple of years ago, but theirs are much more creative!)

To make the lanterns, they decoupaged glass jars and drinking glasses using mod podge and strips of tissue paper. Very simple, fun, and creative!

This one is a drinking glass turned upside down. They used electric tea lights instead of candles.

I love the mummy they made with gauze! What a great idea!

The striped one is super cute :)

My Halloween addiction...candy corn!

Great job, Mem, M, and Mom! We love them!


  1. Can you please post a link to the exact paper you use? I LOVE these and want to make them. Do you use glue? What kind?

  2. We use the colored tissue paper that you find in the wrapping paper/gift bag section of WM, Dollar General, etc. Glue the paper to the jar using Mod Podge glue, which you can also find at WM.