Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pouring Corn Kernels

E(2) has been learning to pour corn kernels this week for "C" week!

She poured them perfectly the first 2 times, but then she started putting her fingers on the spout. She really enjoys pouring, and she's been asking to pour water. That's definitely an activity that we'll do outside!


  1. My son loves pouring things! I have recently found your blog and am slowly digging through the archives. I do have a question for you. At what age did you start "teaching" with E? She is 3ish months older than my son and I'm tryig to figure out when to really start working with him. Do you do any programs with her or what is your gameplan or goal each week?

  2. I started "teaching" at birth :) Really, I think I set up a "work" shelf for her when she was around one and a half. It's all very laid back and fun. I have a Montessori shelf set up for her that she can choose activities from, and I plan "letter of the week" activities that I introduce to her each week. I usually just write a list of things I'd like to do on a wipe-off board...very simple and informal. We spend most of our time playing outside, kayaking, and reading aloud. This is such a precious time, and I'm trying to treasure every moment :)