Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Excavating Treasures in Ice

O and her cousin, M, had a GREAT time excavating treasures from ice yesterday morning! This activity started about 2 weeks ago when I gave each of the girls a plastic container and sent them off on a treasure hunt around my mom's house for them to find small objects suitable for freezing. We filled the containers with water and put them in the freezer...and forgot about them for 2 weeks :) Guh-guh and Grandpa had the girls all day while my sister and I went shopping (I love IKEA!), and this was a fun activity for them to do. They used warm water, cold water, hammers, forks, etc. to excavate their treasures. After they finished excavating the treasures, they immediately filled the containers with objects and water again, so they can do this activity again soon!

I just searched this blog to see when we did this activity last summer, and we did it almost exactly a year ago (July 8 this year and July 7 last year). What a coincidence!


  1. What a great idea! I know my son will love this.

  2. Thanks for the fun idea. We've got some things freezing right now.

  3. We did this today when the little cousins got together. I saved this one for "big boy" & he hammered away. He enjoyed having his own activity. Thanks!