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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Go Dollhouse

Here's the rest of O's handmade Birthday gift! The on-the-go dollhouse is made from foam core board that Elliott painted with magnetic paint. I then painted the rooms different colors using leftover paint from our house. I wanted the walls to be magnetic because I took pictures of various art and pictures that are on our walls and printed them on magnetic paper for O to have to decorate her house. I bought the kitchen furniture when it was on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids. I'm not sure if I'll buy furniture for the other rooms, or if I'll make it...I'd really rather buy it :) The idea and directions for making the foam core board dollhouse came from here. O LOVES her dollhouse, and the magnetic walls have worked wonderfully. I also gave her magnetic decorations by Mary Englebriet for her house, and she has had a great time decorating the rooms. Everything fits nicely in her decoupaged suitcase.


  1. Melissa......That is so totally cool. I LOVE IT! I may just whip up a variation of it for school and another for home. Thanks for your continued inspiration. You're awesome!

  2. magnetic paint! that actual exists? you are a well on information, now I wonder if my Japanese is up to asking for it....
    The doll house is very cute too!

  3. i think i have the other problem... plenty of magnetic paint here in australia.. but I have never heard of magnetic paper that goes in the printer.. plus I have a laser b&w printer, so we never get lovely coloured things as we dont have colour printer.. oh well...
    that is such a cute house and great idea for decorating it - you are so smart!

  4. That's a great idea. I think Target has some wooden dollhouse stuff on clearance right now. I was looking for something else, and didn’t pay it much attention but I think it’s a highchair or something like that. Love the peg people too by the way.

  5. Ashlie.....frequent visitor!July 27, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    So I'm totally planning to do this for my niece for her birthday in December (gives me time!) Today, I was looking through "Best Ever Craft Book for Kids" and saw 2 ideas for cute furniture. One is a chest of drawers made from matchboxes glued & stacked together, wrapped in paper or old stamps; paper fasteners for drawer pulls; beads on the base for legs. The other idea was tables & chairs made from twigs. Thought I'd share since you were wondering if you'd buy or make more furniture ;-)

  6. Ashlie.....frequent visitor!July 27, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    Another cute furniture link...